Viibryd or What The Hell is This Stuff?


So, had another pdoc appointment on Monday.  I’m no longer on the Cymbalta or Strattera.  They were making me manic.  Sucks too, cause I was actually focusing on things that needed to be done with the Strattera.  So, now I’m on this new stuff called Viibryd.  Stupid names they come up with for drugs.  Anywho, my pdoc handed me the little sample packet, and told me to take it with food.  Ookay.  So, I get home and look it up online.  There’s very little information on it.  All I’ve been able to figure out is that it was approved by the FDA for the treatment of major depressive disorder in January 2011.  But I’m bipolar.  It’s okay, I’m still taking my mood stabilizer.  I like my mood stabilizer, it works well.  No raging fights with my husband, no throwing dishes at his head and screaming how much I hate him anymore.  Anyway.  It is supposed to have no sexual side effects, in fact it’s not supposed to have many side effects at all.  I could get behind that. Continue reading



So, it’s been like forever since I posted last.  School started and then the only thing I had time for was homework and sleeping.  One of my classes has ended early, and that is the only reason I have a free Friday and a three day weekend.  I can work on homework tomorrow.

The class that ended was the certified nursing assistant class.  It is a prereq for the nursing program.  Yes, yours truly has decided to go for nursing.  My goal is to be a nurse practitioner when it’s all said and done.  I finally figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up.

I’ve been unmedicated since the beginning of the year, and unlike I thought, I did not have any issues really.  No crippling anxiety keeping me from leaving my bed, like last time.  That was what I was most worried about with going back to school.  I mean, don’t get me wrong, there’ve been days when I just did not want to go but I dragged myself to school anyway.  Either my bullshit is resolving itself or I let people convince me there was something wrong with me when there really wasn’t.  I may never know.

All in all, things have been going well.  Have been being the key word.  I knew the awesomeness that was life wouldn’t last.  It never does.  The hubs and I knew this job he has was temporary when he took.  We hoped really hard that it would at least last until I got my state test results in June.  That didn’t happen, and this was his last week on full time.  As of this weekend, he’s been busted down to weekends only.  That wouldn’t be so bad if there were any other way to compensate for it.  Oh, but there is, unemployment!  But wait, they said he doesn’t qualify because he’ll still be making too much money.  *headdesk*  I don’t know how they expect two people be able to live on 150 bucks a week.  That wouldn’t even cover our phone bill.  He can’t quit this job or he won’t he get the education benefits.  But I can’t get a job yet until I take my state test in June.  We are, as they say, fucked six ways from Sunday.  We’ll figure something out, we always do, but the situation just blows.