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I seem to have hit a brick wall again.  I can’t write, can’t blog.  It’s driving me crazy.  I don’t feel good.  The endoscopy was last Friday, and I still have a sore throat.  My shoulders are killing me.  It’s the weather.  We might be getting snow on Friday.  If we do, I’m gonna $#!+ a brick.  Then my sinuses have been killing me for a week now.  I’m afraid to take any sinus pills cause that’s what the husband did and now he’s got a sinus infection and a hacking cough.  Do not want.

And that’s just the trivial stuff.  I went to the pdoc on Monday.  I’m still on Viibryd.  And Seroquel.  I really wanted her to take me off of Seroquel, but she thinks it’s helping me.  The only thing it’s helping is consciousness.

I went off my meds again over the weekend.  The resulting psychotic episode or whatever you want to call it was not pretty.  I fucking hate being bipolar.  Without the medication, I’m not sane.  J wonders why I say the things I do when I’m not taking my meds.  Hello, it’s because I suffer from psychotic mania!  But I am so sick of taking handful after handful of pills just to be sane.

Still haven’t figured out what I’m gonna do with myself or how I’m going to get my medication when the insurance runs out.  This sucks.  Maybe soon I’ll actually have something to write about other than whining.  Next weekend we go to Strong Bonds. That should give me some blogging fodder.