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It’s 4 a.m.  I’m grumpy.  I hate my bed at home, but at least I can actually fall asleep on it.  For someone with a sleep disorder, strange new beds can aggravate it.  I remember why I hate going anywhere and sleeping in hotels in the first place.  And of course, I “forgot” my sleeping pills (Seroquel).  And the Xanax.  If I had taken the Seroquel, it would have been pointless coming to this retreat in the first place.  I wouldn’t have even crawled out of bed when the alarm went off.  I am so sorely tempted to go try to get a pack of cigarettes and a bottle of whiskey right now.  But if it weren’t for that rather embarrassing moment that happened earlier tonight.

Oh, yeah that was a load a fun.  Long story short, the husband and I got here, and decided to go get food after we checked in.  We found a Mexican place, and went in and ate.  When it came time to pay, the debit card wouldn’t work.  It was working just fine before the hotel said they had to put a hold on our card.  After, it wouldn’t work for shit.  Couldn’t get any money out of the ATM, couldn’t buy anything and get cash back, nothing.  The husband wound up writing a check to a place that didn’t take checks just to pay.  The last time something out of the ordinary happened on the account was when I paid for something from the U.K. and the debit card company (cause the debit cards aren’t issued by the bank) basically froze the account.  I was mad as hell about it too because they would not talk to me about it because I wasn’t on the account.  I had to have the bank people yell at them because I had POA at the time for the husband (He was deployed).

So, yeah, I’m really damn tired right now, and can’t get any sleep.  And I get to turn around and not sleep tonight.  At least Sunday night I get to go home and snuggle up to my pillows and our cranky cat.  And as if the hell that is right now wasn’t enough, Monday I get to do a colon cleanse or whatever you wanna call it for a colonoscopy.  Me, a colonoscopy at the age of 28.  And I bet you they are gonna tell me there’s nothing wrong with me.  Ninety percent of doctors are useless these days.

The next time I get asked if I want I go somewhere that involves sleeping in a hotel and I say yes, I hope someone slaps me senseless.