I haven’t abandoned my blog.  Just haven’t had anything to say really.  I’ve been busy. I have made some huge changes in my life.  I’ve gotten myself enrolled for school for next semester.  I’m starting the nursing program.  I’ve decided I want to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner.

Thanksgiving was pretty uneventful.  Same with Christmas. New Year’s I can’t say the same for. We didn’t have any money to go out, so we stayed home and had a Star Trek movie marathon. We had told a friend of ours that we’d play DD for her. She called us an hour early because apparently her friends got themselves kicked out of the bar. When they got in the van, one of the guys looked like he was going to ralph any second and I asked him so. “Oh, no, open the window, I’ll be fine.” He kept hanging over the back of my seat, and sure enough, when James turned the corner onto our street (he was dropping me off to get the car), asshat puked all over the back of my seat and myself. I was pissed. My coat still smells like alcohol vomit, even though it’s been washed a dozen times.

Have I ever said how much I hate drunks?